Tuesday, September 30, 2014

“Why do they waste their money on junk food?”
If you've ever said that, you need to read this

As a nation, we’re slowly realizing that whole, fresh foods are good for you and that cooking at home can save you money and provide you with better nutrition.

Overall, this is a great trend. It’s becoming easier and more common to get fresh food, whole foods, local foods, and organic foods.

Unfortunately, though, this shift in culture has also begun to produce a toxic byproduct: better-than-thou attitudes and judgments about low-income people’s decisions about food.

“Why do they waste their money on junk food?” “Why doesn’t she cook for her children?” “Ugh, look, he’s buying his toddler a Happy Meal.”

Many of us have thought things like this or heard other people say things like this. We are very concerned with how poor people (or people we assume are poor) spend money on food.

The truth is, though, we rarely have all the facts when we judge these people. Let’s change that. Read more at everyday feminism.


At 7:57 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

i was never taken out to eat as a child. what is wrong with taking your child to mcdonalds once in a while. it is good for the child to get out, and not to be isolated all the time. why dont you show compassion for the poor. it seems you are nicer to the french, and the canadians. How could you work here all these years, and not really advocate for foster children, or the homeless. not only this, there are too many homeless men on the street wasting their time, and lives. Why dont you offer them tickets to move back where they are from. No one is being helpful to them. there being rejected, and not offered services. Does this make sense. they have mental issues, and your letting them stay on the street. You are risking single women lives, and families by allowing them to stay close by.

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

how long have you worked in Orlando. you don't even give a crap about the irish. im sure you have been a lot nicer to the French. you think this is ethical. why did you become a lawyer, when you don't even care if most of the clients live or die. soe clients have bad exp. here in Orlando, and you and these French, and Canadian psychiatrist don't even seem to care about the irish clients.

At 12:24 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

these shrinks are evil to not be supportive of someone that is exceptional. Dr. Charles bailey has a lot of nerve to work here all these years when 20 years ago he purposely made lies about this person, and ruined her reputation, and life!!! you people got away with ruining her life!!! as a result, she isn't grateful for anything. Her health is terrible, and she has brain damage, and you weren't even protective of her, or helpful to her in anyway!!!

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