Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sarasota defends “tough love” of homeless

In the meanest city in America, city officials say they are willing to help the homeless, but they insist that the homeless have to help themselves.

A homeless person in Sarasota who refuses to help himself has few options.

“Philosophically, there’s a point where that individual is making choices,” City Manager Michael McNees told a crowd of 250 people who attended a forum on homeless issues this week.

People who violate Sarasota’s ordinance outlawing public sleeping can be taken to the Salvation Army shelter instead of jail. At the shelter, homeless people are allowed to stay 10 days for free. After that, they must pay $8 a night unless they agree to participate in a counseling program.

That “tough love” policy produced Sarasota’s reputation for being the meanest city in America toward the homeless. See previous post here.

Read the Sarasota Herald-Tribune article here.


At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Bob said...

I feel so bad for those workers in Key West that have a five hour round trip commute, but as you mentioned, the problem exists throughout Florida. I went to the State of Seminole County address last week where it was reported that the median price for a home in Seminole County is $273,000! Yet, Seminole County, like all other communities in Florida still needs police officers, fire fighters, teachers and nurses. However, these people cannot
afford to live in the community they serve. This results in people living in neighboring counties (Volusia, Lake) and driving in to work, which makes traffic worse for everyone. Eventually, something has to give.

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Bob said...

My bad - the above comment was meant for your post about housing prices in Key West.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find tough love homeless policy as being a form of humanism as nothing more than right wing promoting themselves on people in all shapes or forms. I am willing to discuss it here. The whole idea of homelessness in the US shouldn't be compared to let us say of poverty in Third World countries which is amassed in overpopultion which too is a product of extreme humanism. There is no simple way to define the homeless problem but much less say that all solutions are nothing more than a hybrid of right wingers duping people of confusing that the remedies of excess welfares are nothing more than local resolutions and should not serve as any type of guidelines for the nation as a whole and might
be limited in what areas that are taken place. Of course more money for the homeless is a great solution but all that says like anything else that a welfare state is not the most perfect forms of social design but so is anything else. Less money is an option but like anything else a less money approach is nothing more than anything short of reform or play of the welfare state but rather a design of itself which is even worse than the more money for the homeless welfare state design. The tough love of the homeless as you see in Sarasota is completely Americanish meaning that it is based on a society in which because of its historicity has teeming social inequalities and an unusual high incarceration rate. Not throwing homeless people in jail should n't be viewed as soft but as something derivative in which jails themselves are nothing more than a cultural cuisines. I myself by American standard would be considered homeless and everyday I am threatened anything short of something signifying my citizenship that I stare too hard or that I look like in prison and I live in a blue state. That is how they keep me homeless and the shelters up here only tell people that you don't live on the streets. I don't know about the $8 a day it must be a pretty good shelter but that is nothing more than Southern plantation post Reconstruction individualism. Of course throw more money at the homeless but throw away the cultural vestiges of what makes American stereotypically american. Remember tough love is a product of the humanism of the 1960s and 1970s(which is itself the products of the Then There Will Be Blood Days) it just manifest itself among right wing look at how goods are being distributed and how they are accounted for. They are all right wing in a dramatic sense that as understood society is constantly changing but they just hide themselves in 'jail' places. Once all things are accounted for by default you are stuck like your grandparents or great grandparents are. The ones who are in charge of whom you thought to be liberal and understanding are themselves wearing the same wolves suit that they believe whom they have overthrown that is what time and the element of time and energy is. One day you will have to go to war with them the same way as what is construed as one forces as being the bad guy being historically illiberal humanly repressive volatile to civil and human rights and the other who is fair minded master of their times the good guys. Don't mmove to the West Coast primarily San Francisco they are the worse lots such that tough love is practiced strongly only because it is a society who fails to admit that they are able to handle their problems. It might once be the best place for homeless is a new right wing place that is worse for homeless. Tough love forgets that you are living homeless in the 21st Century in a crowded world you need less compassion less love but more indifference and distribution of the goods so that you can live a normal life whatever that means. Tough love only isolates you from the world and give good reasons for the right wing to take everything away from you as though you never had before and as though they never given to you in the first place.

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate all homeless people and junkies that plague our cities. I'm glad Sarasota doesn't put up with their shit. I moved out to seattle from the sarasota area and Seattle is a coward towards these people.
I live downtown, there's crazy people screaming at 4 year olds, people urinating in public, drunk perverts, all wanting your money so they can continue their worthless lives. I wish it was like the old days, and the law would just clean these people out any way they had to.

America, there are some victims of circumstance, and they deserve help...however those who receive help should be back up on their feet in a matter of months if they're worth a damn. Most of the losers you'll find here in Seattle have been doing this for years (I've spoken to a few of these losers/junkies on the buses). I hate seattle for being so lame and letting these junkies ruin their city.

Way to go Sarasota! If only they had jobs that paid anything worthwhile, I might have stayed there.

At 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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