Friday, March 07, 2008

2 arrested for feeding the hungry in England

Two people were arrested at an open picnic held by South London's Food not Bombs project, the Brixton-based Reclaim Your Food group.

Police told the group that a Public Order offense was being committed and the Anti-Social Behaviour law was invoked, allowing police to place a dispersion order on the group of apparently delinquent youths

One person was arrested after he had given his name and address to police but then refused to "disperse." A second person gave him advice and the phone number of a lawyer and a few minutes later he was arrested, too.

The group has been setting up a free food stall on Sunday afternoons in Brixton's town square.

Last year, one Food Not Bombs volunteer in Orlando won an acquittal after a jury trial on charges that he shared food with more than 25 people in a public park.

Watch the Youtube video of the arrests here and read the Indymedia reports here and here.


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