Friday, May 23, 2008

Homeless rounded up in Atlanta
(and we learn how to steal coins from parking meters)

Several dozen police officers descended on a downtown Atlanta homeless camp before dawn, rousting and arresting people living along the tracks.

"We're looking for fugitives, and we're looking for stolen property," said David Wardell, vice president of operations and public safety for the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, the agency coordinating the raid.

Thirteen people were arrested, 10 for trespassing and three on outstanding warrants.

Among the stolen items recovered were 20 or more parking meters. Wardell said homeless people steal the meters from parking places, then put them on the railroad tracks for trains to run over and break open so they can take the coins.

Read The Atlanta Journal-Constitution report here.

It's not reported but I'm wondering: What happened to the homeless people's stuff?


At 4:48 PM, Blogger BadTux said...

What always happens. It gets abandoned on the ground, and picked over by the homeless who did not get arrested and what is left picked up as garbage by Public Works and thrown away. Sometimes Public Works comes in right behind the cops, protected by the cops as they haul all the "garbage" away. When the SFPD busted up a homeless encampment under one of the freeways out here in San Francisco, Public Works was right behind them with tow trucks to haul away the inoperative vehicles and a flatbed truck with a large dumpster on and another flatbed with a garbage loader. While the cops protected Public Works from irate homeless people, Public Works hauled off their vehicles and scraped up all their possessions with the top end loader and hauled them all off as "trash".

It's all part and parcel of the same thing. Our overlords really would prefer to just build gas chambers for the homeless and march the homeless into the gas chambers for a "final solution" to the problem of homeless people (who after all are a reminder that our overlords are about as "Christian" as Joseph Stalin since no true Christian would allow such misery to continue to exist in what was once the wealthiest nation on the planet), but Adolph Hitler gave a bad name to that kind of final solution, so instead our overlords make sure that the homeless are kept in as miserable an existence as possible. And if some of the homeless die of hunger or exposure because all their food and clothing just got scraped up and hauled off to a dumpster... why, that's a feature, not a flaw, as far as they're concerned.

-- Badtux the Cynical Penguin


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