Sunday, June 14, 2009

"My ten hellish days living on the streets"

Former British tennis star Annabel Croft spent 10 days on the streets of London, living among alcoholics and drug addicts, sleeping in the doorways of haute-couture fashion shops and eating charity handouts.

She was stunned by the generosity and love shown by strangers willing to share what meager money or food they had. But she also faced the terror of a homeless man trying to stick a knife in her back and came to the conclusion that the world of Britain’s forgotten underclass doesn’t appear to have changed much since the days of Charles Dickens.

She did it for the forthcoming BBC series "Famous, Rich And Homeless," which she describes as a serious attempt to tackle a pressing social issue -– the plight of people living on the streets.

Read her diary in the Daily Mail here.

Thanks to @hardlynormal for the link.


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