Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Foreclosure Survival Guide (free online)

Nolo is making its Foreclosure Survival Guide available for free online. In addition to a wealth of information on bankruptcy and foreclosure, the guide also contains tips on nonprofit housing counselors, finding a lawyer, bankruptcy petition preparers and researching the law.

Why? Nolo says it wants as many people as possible to know how they may be able to stay in their houses —- or if they can’t, how they can save money during the foreclosure process and move out with a nest egg that will help them get a fresh start.

Right now, new federal programs that can help you refinance or modify your mortgage are just being implemented. The Foreclosure Survival Guide explains how to find out whether or not you qualify and how to get valuable free help from federally approved housing counselors.


At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida said...

Thanks for posting this! We will share it with our Facebook/Twitter networks.

At 1:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good title i love these type of titles <<<<<<<,

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At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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