Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sleep out for the homeless: worst fundraiser ever?

"Don't let the name fool you," says Dominic Mapstone over at End Homelessness. "Instead of being a gritty, real-life glimpse into the devastation of homelessness, they are simply glorified slumber parties."

So what does it matter? Well, people (mostly kids) sleeping out in a controlled environment may think they have experienced a night on the streets, but they can easily go home with inaccurate assumptions based on their so-called experience.

Check out Dominic's post here. And don't miss the comments; there's even one from The Homeless Guy.

We had one of these events in downtown Orlando a couple of weeks ago. Hundreds of people spent the night under I-4 -- but they were inside a fence and had police protection, a stage with a concert, bottled water, snacks, games and portable toilets. See the Central Florida News 13 report here.

One homeless man approached FOX 35 crews to try to explain that the sleep out was far from reality.


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