Friday, January 08, 2010

Acid bombs thrown at homeless in downtown St. Pete

Denny DeJesus shows where he and his fiancee were nearly hit by an acid bomb.

Police say someone threw three acid bombs at a group of homeless people in downtown St. Petersburg.

"These (homeless) people are already in poor circumstances, each has their own story and they're sleeping on the streets. Maybe the suspects consider this a prank but we take it very seriously," said police spokesperson Bill Proffitt.

The bombs were made using large plastic bottles and then filling them with acid. "It's hydrochloric acid, it's very corrosive, it would cause burns on your skin," Proffitt said

No one was injured when the bombs exploded, however one woman was sleeping under some blankets that did get sprayed by the acid.

The attack happened near the St. Vincent de Paul Society food center, where dozens of people sleep on the sidewalks.

Read the St. Petersburg Times report here.


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