Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Charlotte County approves panhandling ordinance

With careful attention to language, Charlotte County commissioners have approved an ordinance defining and prohibiting aggressive or obstructive panhandling.

The new ordinance, which came in response to numerous resident complaints, passed 3-1. The use of intimidation, violence or threats, or the obstruction of pedestrian or vehicular traffic while panhandling will be a second-degree misdemeanor.

Assistant County Attorney Derek Rooney told commissioners that he reviewed 44 similar ordinances from around the country, including several challenged in Florida over free speech and other concerns. He said he was confident the ordinance would stand up to constitutional challenge.

Read the Sarasota Herald-Tribune report here.


At 5:33 AM, Anonymous generalpervaizmusharraf said...

Well, I do not really imagine it is likely to have effect.


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