Friday, June 04, 2010

Cops fired after vandalizing homeless camp

Police officers slashed tents, punctured bicycle tires and wrecked other property in a homeless camp.

Photo from GJPD Exposed

Three police officers have been fired as a result of their intrusion into a homeless camp in May.

No criminal charges will be filed. “There are no eyewitnesses to the alleged criminal acts, there is no forensic evidence, the property was left unattended for several hours in an open field accessible by the general public and a significant number of the victims declined to cooperate,” District Attorney Pete Hautzinger wrote in letter on his decision.

The three officers were searching for a man suspected in the theft of copper wiring. They found the camp empty.

“During their search, however, we have confirmed that the officers cut several tents open with their pocket knives, and sliced one or more bicycle tires as well,” Police Chief John Camper said.

The actions, “had no useful law enforcement purpose,” Camper said.

Camper last week approved the purchase of 11 news tents, at a cost of $390, to replace the damaged property. The chief said the purchase was “the right thing to do.”

Read the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel report here. And see previous post here.


At 5:46 AM, Blogger John C said...

Gotta wonder, with a name like his Chief Camper 'had' to do the right thing. :)


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