Friday, July 30, 2010

Florida has third-largest uninsured population in nation

Florida had the third-largest uninsured population in the nation in 2007, with more than 24% of its population lacking health insurance, according to the latest figures released by the United States Census Bureau.

Texas lead the nation with 26.8% uninsured, followed by New Mexico, with 26.7%. The Census Bureau placed the percentage of people without health insurance nationally at 15.3% in 2007.

A closer look at Florida-specific data shows that DeSoto County had the highest percent of uninsured residents in the state in 2007, with 37% of the population lacking insurance. Miami-Dade County led the pack with the largest number of uninsured people in the state, with 602,000 residents lacking coverage in 2007.

Read the Florida Tribune report here.


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