Sunday, September 26, 2010

A city provides space for food-sharing
(no, no, it's not Orlando)

Marina McKinley, 14, and her mother Lori distribute clothes as part of the weekly One Meal food-sharing for the homeless in downtown Mobile.

Concern for the well-being of their homeless clients in the wake of Mobile's new citywide ban on panhandling had the people behind One Meal thinking about stopping, but an agreement with the city will allow the weekly meal to continue in a new location.

The weekly Sunday meal will be served in a vacant city-owned building just north of downtown.

One Meal started in spring of 2009 after Marina McKinley attended a gumbo cook-off and told her father about her concern for the homeless people she had seen looking for food at the park.

From that concern, One Meal came to be.

The McKinleys have fed meals to the homeless every Sunday since at Bienville Square, a historic city park in the center of downtown Mobile.

Read the Mobile Press-Register report here.


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