Wednesday, February 09, 2011

State senator apologizes for "hateful
and bigoted" e-mail about the homeless

State Senator Nick Kettle has apologized for an e-mail about a hearing on homelessness that advocates on the issue described as hateful and bigoted.

Kettle, a Republican from Rhode Island, sent this e-mail urging Tea Party members to fill up the hearing room:
I need as many tea party supporters there for this one. Get there early to fill up the room before the homeless folks! Help me ask why this homeless person has better clothes than I? I need some support when myself and Senator’s Maher and Pinga raise the tough questions to end this dog and pony show of Chairman Tassonni’s [sic]

Nick Kettle
Several advocates for the homeless condemned the e-mail. John Joyce, co-director of the Rhode Island Homeless Advocacy Project, said the message was inappropriate and expressed hatred and prejudice towards the poor and homeless.

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