Saturday, July 02, 2011

Update on food-sharing in Orlando:
hackers and court hearings

Computer hackers continued their assault on Orlando websites on Friday, attempting to disrupt the site for Orlando International Airport going into a busy travel weekend.

The hacker group Anonymous and its allies claimed to briefly disable the official airport website, but airport officials said there was never a disruption.

Meanwhile, the founder of Food Not Bombs, Keith McHenry, remains jailed after being arrested June 22. McHenry, who lives in New Mexico but came to Orlando to protest the city ordinance, was first arrested after helping distribute food, then arrested again for entering the park in defiance of a trespass warning. County Judge Kenneth Barlow rejected a plea deal, citing the fact that McHenry had violated the terms of his release from his first arrest.

In another courtroom, Food Not Bombs and the city sparred over the group's request for an injunction to stop police from arresting FNB members. Circuit Judge Jose Rodriguez has not yet issued a ruling.

Read the Orlando Sentinel report here.


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