Friday, September 16, 2011

Rancher who helps homeless
may lose control of his property

A rancher who has long been at odds with the county over housing homeless people is on the brink of losing custodianship of his property because he hasn’t complied with county codes, say lawyers for San Luis Obispo County.

But Dan De Vaul, who operates who operates a nonprofit sober living program called Sunny Acres, contends that he has met terms of a court order that includes moving tenants out of illegal buildings and supplying safe drinking water on his 72-acre ranch.

The county is expected to ask a judge to appoint a receiver who would oversee the progress of De Vaul’s compliance while forcing him to foot the bill of cleaning up his property.

"The extent to which the county will lie to try to do me in is astonishing,”
De Vaul said outside of court. “They’re flat out making things up because I don’t bow down to them.”

Read the San Luis Obispo Tribune report here. And see previous post (“I’m proud to go to jail for housing the homeless”) here.


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