Thursday, December 04, 2014

French homeless forced to wear 'yellow triangles'

Arnaud, a homeless man, wears the controversial yellow triangle. Photo: AFP/Anne-Christine Poujoul.

Authorities in France’s second-largest city have come under fire for issuing its homeless with ID cards that detail their health issues.

Human rights groups and government ministers have slammed the “yellow triangle cards”, comparing them to the Nazi-era Star of David that was sewn onto Jewish people’s clothes during the Holocaust.

“This is scandalous, it’s stigmatizing,” said Christophe Louis, president of the homeless charity Collectif Morts de la Rue. “Being identified by either a star or a triangle is horrific.”

French human rights group La Ligue des droits de l’Homme said it was troubled by the resemblance “of this card and the yellow star that the Jews had to wear during World War II.” President François Hollande’s government in Paris has also reacted sharply to the initiative.

Read the report in The Local here.


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