Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Giving credit where credit is due

Part I: Rep. Katherine Harris of Sarasota was one of only 30 Republicans who voted to increase funding for Section 8 rent-assistance vouchers by $100 million. The vote here passed an amendment to the HUD budget in the appropriations bill here.

Part II: The U.S. Justice Department has criticized a New Jersey city for invoking the Patriot Act to defend itself from a lawsuit over kicking homeless people out of its train station.

In legal papers filed in response to a federal lawsuit brought by a homeless man who objected to being told to leave the Summit, N.J., train station, the wealthy New York City suburb said its conduct is protected by the Patriot Act. The city sited a section of the law regarding "attacks and other violence against mass transportation systems."

Read the Newsday story here.


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