Monday, November 28, 2005

You remember this picture.
In fact, you can’t forget this picture.

And now you know that her name is Ethel Freeman.

Her son was with her when she took her last breath at age 91. They had ridden out Hurricane Katrina together at their home. When the floodwaters rose, a neighbor took them by boat to dry ground. Her son rolled her the rest of the way to the New Orleans Convention Center.

They thought they’d find help there. “She was calling out for a doctor or a nurse, but there was nothing there,” her son said many weeks later, when she was finally buried.

Three days after his mother died, Herbert Freeman left New Orleans on an evacuation bus. He left a note with his name and number in his mother's pocket.

The New Orleans Times Picayune reported on her burial, which was more than two months later. Read the story here.

Thanks to Rachel’s Tavern for the link.


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