Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another city challenged in court
over limits on feeding homeless

Dallas' ordinance* establishing "feeding zones" has been challenged in federal court by two ministries.

Rip Parker Memorial Homeless Ministry and Big Heart Ministries claim the city restrictions on where charities can feed the homeless violate their right to practice their religion. They want to stop the city from enforcing the ordinance and to have it ruled unconstitutional.

The ordinance stopped a longtime practice of charitable groups serving food in vacant lots and cardboard box encampments under bridges. It permits the distribution of food only at a handful of designated locations and requires such groups to register with the city and take a food-handling class. Violations can carry fines up to $2,000.

Read the Dallas Morning News story here.
* You can read the ordinance here. Scroll down to Section 17-1.6(a)(5).


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First, let me say "thanks for your work".

"The Criminalization; A Problem Becoming A Solution" report might be of interest to you. I have linked in some solutions. Such as a KRON 4 TV news report of a "Tent Cioty" in Richmond California that reduced violent crime by 90%. There are also several searches about "Neighborhood Watch Program" and it's impacks on various types of crime. From "domestic abuse" to the homeless, rape, murder and a few others. It does still need some editing and updating, but the links to the verifiable reports work. You'll have to scroll through the "work in progress" to get to the "Drainbow" section.. That aspect is worth noting, too.


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