Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who -- exactly -- is homeless?

The federal definition of homelessness could be changed to include individuals and families living in motels and doubled-up situations.

But the current proposal would cover these people only if they have moved 2 times within 21 days or 3 times in the past year. Requiring families to move on multiple occasions to qualify for HUD homeless assistance creates incentives that would be harmful to children and families. How about some more flexible language that would cover individuals and families "with a history of residential instability"?

Neither Mel Martinez nor Bill Nelson are among the bill's co-sponsors, although Martinez* is a member of the Banking Committee, which is scheduled to consider the issue tomorrow.

Call their offices and ask for the staffer person who works on housing issues. Tell the staffer to ensure that Senate Bill 1518 protects everyone who is homeless, by amending the HUD definition of homelessness to include people living in hotels or motels and doubled-up living situations with a history of residential instability, instead of including language that specifically forces homeless families to move multiple times in order to get housing assistance.

For more information on how the bill will assist communities across the nation in ending homelessness, click here.
* He's also a former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


At 1:25 PM, Blogger Vox Populi said...

good ol martinez. They're being very welcoming to the homeless in lakeland which makes me VERY suspicious. Like they want to get them all in the same place at the same time.

Jackie, you may not know the answer to this or may want to disregard but locally the library is making some rules about requiring id (library cards) and enforcing usage limits on the public computers. This is a direct hit on the homeless, the students, the poor and anyone else who relies on the computers for communication and education.
It's also a direct violation of the Constitutional protection for anonymous speech.

What help could a person seek and find if filing a pro se federal lawsuit for injunction against this proposed and soon to be enforced change???

At 8:32 PM, Blogger John C said...


Sounds like these talking heads need to bone up on McK/Vento and come to know what's existing on the books. If this happens it'll be one of the biggest contradictions.

To me, it sounds like someone's trying to do technical writing for the sake of making sure money will flow best for their side interests.

On librarys: Jacksonville's had a requirement that if you reside at a shelter, you're permitted a 'temporary' card and allowed 4 items checked out at any one time.

They also require the temporary card be renewed every three months. Users can get their case managers to confirm by signing a form.


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