Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gifts as they are

"My clients are indigent ...," writes Kenshusei, who I gather is a public defender somewhere in Florida.

"Occasionally (though a better word might be 'rarely'), we really get to help people out of tight spots and our clients want to thank us. Now, as we've already established my clients are ... poor, it becomes clear that they can't really afford to give us lavish gifts to show their thanks.

"For some of my homeless clients, the simple act of calling a 25-year-old like me 'sir' is all the gift they can manage. But for guys that usually urinate in public and drop the f-bomb in front of a judge, it really is a pretty nice gift. (Though avoiding the f-bomb would be a better gift ... I'd have less people held in contempt of court.)"

Read the whole post here.

Thanks to Arbitrary and Capricious for the link.


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