Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lakeland abruptly turns on those
who found refuge on its streets

About a dozen Lakeland police officers ordered street residents to stay away from their belongings while a shovel on a city truck scooped them up. Blankets, clothes, mattresses and papers fell into a dump truck in a tangle.

A police captain admitted the homeless people weren't warned that a raid would take place the next day. "Still," asked Capt. Harry Katt, "wouldn't you keep really important stuff in a purse or wallet or in your pocket?"

Well, no, not if we're talking about irreplaceable family photographs or mementos like the clothes of a now-dead baby that one woman had saved for five years. I really don't understand how some people can think it's okay to just throw away another person's belongings.

All this happened only 18 days after a story in the St. Petersburg Times trumpeted the city's homeless-friendly attitude. Think there's any connection?

Read the St. Petersburg Times article here.


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