Friday, November 16, 2007

A feel-good moment

Hangin' out at Panera this morning (okay, I was using the free wi-fi), I saw Enzo* walking by with a cup of coffee.

I hadn't seen him for a while. Turns out he'd been in his hometown in upstate New York, where he actually managed to get his birth certificate.** He showed me his brand-new Florida photo ID (which he hadn't been able to get without the birth certificate).

When I first met Enzo, a year or so ago, he was a mess. He spent most of his time panhandling for money for crack.

Now he's clean and sober, and I got him hooked up with a transitional housing program. He'll be moving in on Tuesday.

* Not his real name.

** It is pretty much impossible to get a birth certificate from the State of New York, but that's a whole other topic.


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