Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I've got to keep on moving,
where I can't be found ...

Irunmole Ibabatunde, who said he is 80 years old, holds a wrinkled flier handed out by police, ordering homeless people to vacate a camp in Sacramento. He'd crumpled it in frustration.

Photo from the Sacramento Bee

Lord, I've got to keep on moving
Where I can't be found
Lord, they're coming after me ...

      -- Bob Marley, "Keep On Moving"
In Sacramento, residents of a tent city that had cropped up on a vacant field were threatened with loss of their belongings by city and railroad police. So they packed up their campsites and moved along.

Advocates for the homeless – and the homeless themselves – say enforcement of the city's illegal-camping ordinance is unfair in the face of an affordable housing shortage and inadequate shelters.

Read the Sacramento Bee report here.

In Mesa, Arizona, helicopters flew over an orange grove, blasting messages over loudspeakers warning the people living there to move out or be cited for trespassing.

The East Valley Tribune described the grove as "overrun with homeless camps," but later in its article reported that about five homeless people live in the area regularly.


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