Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Neighbors gather to remember
homeless man set on fire

Stunned East Harlem community members use posters to demand change. The sign says:* "We demand justice for Felix Najera. We are all brothers and sisters. Say NO to Violence

Neighbors gathered in a Harlem park to say good-bye to a homeless man who was set on fire earlier this month as he slept outside a church.

Felix Najera died four days later.

"We denounce this kind of gratuitous violence that just has no justification. It’s really tragic," said Manuel Figueroa.

They came bearing flowers and candles. Some came, although they did not know the man who made the streets his home.

Read The Columbia Journalist report here. And see previous post here.
* Yes, I can read the Spanish. I'll even correct it; I think the sign should say: "Exigimos justicia ..." My blogging pal Lucky White Girl would know for sure but she's busy with a new job!


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