Monday, October 01, 2007

The view from West Palm:
Orlando is the "home of unenforceable laws"

"A government can get full of itself from time to time and think that it can solve a complicated problem by holding a meeting and passing a new law," says the editorial in the Palm Beach Post.

"Orlando has proved conclusively that government cannot solve the homeless problem by writing new laws. Ask the city police who have to enforce them or the city attorneys who have to defend them in court. Or, ask the downtown merchants who see no improvements and still are complaining."

"The best chance government has of making gains against this complex social problem is to work harder with groups who do not come with political or overtly religious agendas -- groups that want to help chronically homeless people with their underlying physical, mental and substance-abuse problems."

Read the whole editorial here.

Meanwhile ... The South Florida Sun-Sentinel (while not taking a swipe at Orlando) takes the position that West Palm Beach's responsibility to help resolve the problem of homelessness is greater now that the city has restricted food-sharing. "City leaders have an obligation to find — not just make empty suggestions on — alternative feeding sites that truly work, for both the charities and the city. And they have to do better at working with homeless advocates at eradicating the problem at its root." Read the editorial here.


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