Sunday, November 18, 2007

No need to arrest the homeless.
Just drown them.

A few nights ago, Blurbex found a group of homeless people standing by a bus stop in downtown St. Petersburg* wrapped in blankets.

And then the blood started to boil.

For the last few months, homeless folks have taken to camping out on the sidewalk in front of City Hall -- not as a protest, but just because there are simply few places to sleep these days where business owners won’t complain.

They said the sprinklers have come on the last five nights. “You see, we timed it before — Tuesday or Wednesday night,” said Warren, who sleeps out here every night. “But the last week, it’s been every day.”

These street people said they didn’t expect the sprinklers tonight. They were jolted awake as the water hit them.

Is this just a coincidence? Or a concerted effort by Mayor Rick Baker to rid the sidewalks around his offices of homeless people?

Read the Blurbex post here.

* My hometown.


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