Monday, January 28, 2008

11-year-old's idea may become law
to help feed the homeless

"If you think there's a problem in the world," said Jack Davis, "you don't wait for other people to fix it. You have to try to fix it yourself." He lives in Miami Shores.

Jack Davis is only 11, but he had a pretty grown-up idea: He was disturbed to learn that Florida restaurants throw out food that could be given to the hungry and the homeless -- because the restaurant owners could be sued if anyone who ate the food became ill or developed food poisoning.

Jack's idea was to pass a law that would give restaurant owners' some protection from lawsuits. He got his dad to float the idea to some Florida legislators.

House Bill 99 was filed by Rep. Ari Porth and has now been passed unanimously by the Committee on Constitution & Civil Law.

Jack was named ABC News' Person of the Week.


At 10:53 PM, Blogger MiLaGrOs AzAñA said...

I just Know about Jack's life... and I wanna Know something else, but I didn`t found much...
I`m convinced that adults can not see the world and this life like children's eyes can...
I would like that children's dreams come true because I`m sure that it can change the world where we live...
I learned love human being through Jack`s story... we have too much to learn if we just think and feel like Jack Davis...!!

At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Javier Rivera said...

We´re peruvians who live in Perú, we were amazed to realize that in a completely different country with another system and idiosyncrasy there´s such a wonderful child with a huge heart able to proof the world that kindness is a virtue and that homeless people can recieved the aid they require. We saw his space on a T.V program last weekend and we were even more proud of him when we found out he is half peruvian by his mother. Congratulations again from all our family and our country


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