Monday, December 01, 2008

Orlando appeals federal court's order on homeless-feeding ordinance

The City of Orlando is appealing a federal court's order to stop enforcing its controversial restrictions on feeding the homeless in public parks.

The city has notified the court of its intent to appeal the September ruling in favor of First Vagabonds Church of God and Orlando Food Not Bombs.

Judge Gregory Presnell ruled the city ordinance violates the constitutional freedoms of speech and expression. See previous post about the ruling here.


At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not! Make it a cool million, the amount of money the city spent on debating, enacting, training, enforceing, 3 trials, 8 cops doing surveillance to bust a 20 year old giving food to the hungry. Go Buddy, Go Buddy, Go Buddy. Oh, by the way, the existing basketball arena is fine and 200 million to fix a football stadium used 6 times a year is another abhorrent waste of money. Go Buddy. Hey Buddy how come no job for you in the Obama administration. Maybe he is against arresting kids for feeding the hungry,.

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