Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still in limbo

Paulla Anderson lived for a year and a half in Gainesville's Tent City and is now looking for a place to live. "We've had to move three times this week, and we still have nowhere to go," she said.

The deadline for residents of Tent City to get out or be charged with trespassing was generally observed, Gainesville police said.

"Of course everyone got out -- we knew they (police) were serious about wanting everyone to get out," said one former Tent City resident who refused to give his name. "What nobody seems serious about is figuring where we are supposed to go now."

It appears that the 200 or so people who had been living in Tent City have been scattered to other places around Gainesville.

"We still need to remember that these are human beings -- broken for whatever reason -- but still somehow functioning human beings," said Gail Monahan, executive director of the Alachua County Housing Authority. "Scattering may not be a bad thing. Maybe a big concentration (of homeless people) creates a lot more dynamics, and with smaller groups there is not so much of a chance for excitement."

Read the Gainesville Sun report here.


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