Sunday, October 04, 2009

Confessing to mixed feelings about panhandlers

"Do they really need the help?" asks Allen Johnson, a reporter in Greensboro, North Carolina.* "Am I simply providing drug money?

"Of course, there are ways to give so you can be sure your money goes to a good cause: United Way, food banks, the Salvation Army and myriad other causes.

"But a human being on the street isn't a cause; he's a person. And he can be hard to ignore -- especially when you discover you personally know him."

Read his column in the Greensboro News-Record here.
* Greensboro recently made significent revisions to its ordinance governing public soliciting, begging and panhandling. The changes amount to a de facto ban on panhandling in the downtown area, and would strictly limit panhandling throughout the rest of the city. Read more over at Chosen Fast.


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