Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Would an "official" campground
get homeless people out of downtown?

A plan is circulating to create a campground for homeless people somewhere in the Panama City limits, as a way to alleviate what some call the downtown homeless problems.

“This idea has worked in other areas, and I think it is something that could be applied to Panama City,” said Rick Dye, speaking of Pinellas Hope.

His hope is to get the influx of homeless people out of Panama City’s downtown and give them a place to sleep at night other than the woods surrounding the city.

To drum up support, Dye has crafted a business plan,* which dubs the project “Manger Campground,” showed it to select city leaders and presented the plan to the Downtown Improvement Board.

But the campground idea is opposed by the head of the city’s largest homeless shelter. The Rev. Billy Fox, executive director of the Panama City Rescue Mission, said providing campsites does not force those who are homeless to make the type of decisions that will better their situations.

“If we always make it to where they don’t have to make a better decision, they will always make a bad decision,” he said.

Read the Panama City News Herald report here.
* There's a link to the business plan in the News Herald article. It opens a Word document,
and I can't figure out how to link to it.


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