Thursday, May 06, 2010

No bail for teen charged with homeless man's death

A judge has denied bail to a Lakeland teenager accused of beating a homeless man to death.

Circuit Judge Michael E. Raiden said he would be “very surprised” if 18-year-old Christopher Decatur were acquitted at trial based on the evidence that he reviewed during the bond hearing.

Decatur faces a charge of second-degree murder.

Joseph Ruba, 52, was fatally injured during an April 17 fight outside a restaurant in Lakeland, according to arrest reports.

The judge said Decatur's claim of self-defense doesn't hold up against eyewitness accounts. Witnesses told detectives, after Ruba was no longer fighting back, Decatur broke away repeatedly from people restraining him so he could continue beating Ruba.

Two other Lakeland teenagers, Cody Osborne, 15, and Shawn Whitten, 17, who are also accused of striking Ruba, also remain in the Polk County Jail without bail.

Read The Ledger report here. And see previous posts here and here.


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