Monday, January 03, 2011

Son of Sanford cop accused of attacking homeless man
turns himself in at jail

The 21-year-old son of a Sanford police lieutenant accused of sucker-punching a homeless man and breaking his nose -- an attack that was captured on video -- turned himself in this morning.

Justin Collison was wanted on a charge of aggravated battery. He is being held without bail.

A video shot by a witness in downtown Sanford on Dec. 4 shows Justin Collison attacking Sherman Ware, and then walking away and punching another man.

Capt. Jerry Hargrett, the acting police chief, said last week that officers made "blatant" policy violations that night, including not handcuffing Collison or patting him down. The Police Department launched an internal investigation into four officers, including a sergeant, who were associated with the case.

Read the Orlando Sentinel report here. And see previous post (with video) here.


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