Monday, February 21, 2011

Homeless man set on fire in a fight;
girlfriend saves his fife

A homeless man was severely burned after being set on fire at a makeshift camp for homeless people in Fort Lauderdale.

William Stouffer, 51, sustained very severe burns over a substantial portion of his body and is in a fight to recover from his catastrophic injuries.

Police say they are in search of John Gibbons, 58, who is accused of setting Stouffer on fire after the two fought. Police said Gibbons used some type of accelerant to douse the victim. He then lit the man's body, watched him catch on fire, and ran away.

Stouffer's girlfriend, Kimberly Shawn, said that she was happy to have bought bottled water on the same day. She used it and a blanket to put out the flames. She then called for paramedics.

The attack happened shortly before 4:15 a.m. behind a Burger King, just before the restaurant opened.

Read the South Florida Sun-Sentinel report here.


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