Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homeless campers settle federal lawsuit

Six homeless campers whose possessions were tossed out by crews clearing property have settled a federal lawsuit against Oregon’s Department of Transportation.

The state transportation agency also agreed to stricter procedures for handling possessions taken from homeless camps in rights of way. Under the rewritten rules, ODOT and other agencies must post adequate information about where campers can retrieve their belongings once they are taken in a campsite sweep.

“It was clear that we had not followed our own procedures in cleaning up the sites,” said Patrick Cooney, ODOT spokesman. “We worked with the Oregon Law Center to develop a new process and the ways we’re going to do this in the future.”

Under the settlement, $10,000 will be given to plaintiffs Joel Tucker, Steven Fletcher, Jeff Nelson, Robert Dean Thomas, Chandra Waulters and Mitchal Poncel and $14,000 pays attorney’s fees.

Read the Portland Tribune report here.


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