Sunday, July 24, 2011

Live from the streets of Denver

A homeless street musician in Denver is getting hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube and his album of cover tunes is rising high on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts.

David Dred Scott moved to Denver 16 years ago for the music scene. He does what he loves full time but income from the streets is inconsistent.

"I've come out here, set up, played, broke a string, made a dollar and left. I've come out here and played and made $300," he said.

Tyler Ward stumbled onto his talent one day walking down the street and with the help of an outreach group, they recorded his music. Scott's talent generated almost $2,000 in the first two days.

It may not be enough to get him completely off the streets but it's a start.

Scott's album of cover tunes, "Live From 16th Street Mall," sells for $3.99 on iTunes.

Proceeds are used to buy food and clothing for Scott, but he does not get cash directly.


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