Saturday, July 09, 2011

The uplifting tale of a man, his pet rabbit
and a new hero for our time

"Barney and Lilly my dog are my babies," said John Byrne. "I'd do the whole thing again if it happened. If the person that threw Barney in can do that to an animal, think of what he could do to children."

A homeless man who dived into a Dublin river to save his drowning pet rabbit said he would do it all over again.

John Byrne, 38, jumped off a bridge after a man came up behind him, grabbed his beloved pet rabbit Barney and threw it into the river.

Around 200 people watched as he struggled to save his pet from being swept away, dramatically clinging onto a nearby ledge. After spending 40 minutes waiting to be rescued by emergency services, he revived Barney by giving him the kiss of life.

An 18-year-old man was charged with cruelty to animals as well as being abusive to gardai (police) at the scene.

Read the reports here and here. But the best read is a column by Ian O'Doherty.


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