Friday, August 19, 2011

Gainesville votes to end meal limit

The campaign to end Gainesville's soup-kitchen meal limit scored a major victory when the City Commission voted unanimously to repeal the controversial code in favor of a three-hour window in which anyone can eat.

St. Francis House, the only institution regulated under the limit, filed a petition earlier this year to lift the 130-meal cap and replace it with a three-hour time frame.

The time limit was a point of contention for some advocates, but most felt it was a good compromise.

The city attorney's office will now draft an ordinance that the commission will have to approve in two more votes. Then St. Francis House will have to apply for a permit under the newly adopted ordinance.

Kent Vann, the shelter's executive director, said he would submit his application with the city next week so it can move ahead as soon as the commission casts its final vote.

Read the Gainesville Sun report here.


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