Monday, July 30, 2007

Can sports change the world?

The Homeless World Cup kicked off with 500 players from 48 nations marching through Copenhagen to demonstrate that sport is a way to change lives -- and therefore sports can change the world.

The USA team's record isn't exactly glowing so far -- but that's hardly the point. The purpose of this annual, international street soccer tournament is to unite teams of homeless people from around the world to change their lives for the better.

And it works. A significant life change was reported by 73% of players in the Cape Town 2006 Homeless World Cup coming off drugs and alcohol, moving into jobs, education, homes, training, reuniting with families

β€œIt is the players, their dignity and their courage to take the opportunity to represent their country and go on a life-changing journey that makes the Homeless World Cup such an incredible sporting event uniting a community of thousands around the world," said founder Mel Young.


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