Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dallas considers fines for giving to panhandlers

A panhandler asks you for a dollar and, feeling compassionate, you hand over a buck. Moments later, a police officer hands you -- not the beggar -- a ticket.

It’s not reality yet, but Dallas Mayor Laura Miller has floated the idea of penalizing the givers instead of the takers. “If that happened a couple of times, and it got on TV a couple of times, I think people would just say, ‘It’s not worth it to give the money,’” the mayor said.

The city’s no-panhandling ordinance isn’t properly enforced or very effective, so other options should be explored to combat what has become a chronic nuisance, the mayor said.

Reaction hasn’t been enthusiastic. Another city council member predicted the idea would not be approved.

Read The Dallas Morning News story here.

Thanks to Injustice Anywhere for the link.


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