Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mission accomplished!

Several dozen people -- who otherwise might have gone hungry -- received hot, nutritious and tasty food at two different food-sharings in Orlando this week.

On Monday, a "Dinner Dialogue" drew people with food to share, concerned citizens, news reporters and community activists to the plaza* in front of City Hall. All the food was shared, but the dialogue might have been more constructive if city officials had participated.

On Wednesday, Food Not Bombs shared food from the hood of a car parked about two blocks from Lake Eola Park.

* City Commons Plaza is a park, according to Section 18A.03 of the city code. An unsolicited "large group feeding" permit was offered to a member of one of the participating groups. The permit was declined because the number of organizations involved made it impossible to determine if any group by itself had attracted 25 or more people -- the threshold at which a permit is required under the new city ordinance which restricts food-sharing in city parks.


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