Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why the delay?

Are they afraid of more bad news about the spread of hunger?

An annual report on hunger in the United States has generally been released in October, but this year it's been delayed until after the election. Democrats have accused the White House of a politically motivated delay.

The report has shown steady increases in the number of people struggling with hunger, from 31 million in 1999 to 38 million in 2004. Done by the Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service, the report details the number of people with food insecurity, meaning they don't have enough money or resources to get food. Check out last year's report here.

Regardless of the reason for the delay, anti-hunger advocates just want to see the numbers. "Our real concern is that so few people are talking about the problem and proposing ways to address that struggle with hunger that 38 million people constantly face," said Jim Weill, president of the Food Research and Action Center. "If we ought to be able to do anything as a country, it's that we ought to be able to get enough adequate, decent food to everybody."

Read the Boston Globe story here.


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