Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More no-panhandling zones

St. Augustine is establishing
no-panhandling zones in its downtown.

The commission acted after receiving numerous complaints from tourists and business owners. The ordinance -- set for final approval January 8 -- is modeled after a provision in
Key West's city code.

The original draft said panhandlers were allowed in a 225-square-foot spot, but the commission agreed that a "beggar box" was demeaning* and the ordinance was amended.

From the audience, Rickey Terry read a statement written on the back of a sheet of paper: "Does anybody really believe that arresting the so-called beggars and spending all this money to keep them in jail is going to solve this problem? We all know the real problem here is homelessness."

Read the St. Augustine Record article here.
* Orlando still has so-called "exempt zones, which are blue boxes painted on the sidewalk. Panhandling is permitted from the blue boxes.


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