Friday, February 09, 2007

Church offers settlement
to Palm Beach County

Westgate Tabernacle Church offered to settle its dispute with Palm Beach County this morning, as a jury was about to begin considering the case that could decide the fate of the unlicensed homeless shelter.

The church agreed to drop its suit if the county would agree to a number of conditions, including:
■Paying the church $500,000.
■Dropping all liens and fines.
■Working with the Tabernacle to secure federal funds.
In return, the church would agree to limit the number of homeless sleeping there nightly to the number allowed by the county fire code — a limit the county says would be 27. More than 100 people have slept at the church in recent nights.

Jury deliberations were put on hold while county attorneys considered a response to the offer.

Read the Palm Beach Post story here.

Update:The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has a slightly different take on the settlement offer. Read it here.


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