Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A sad morning in court

If you're used to going to court (like I did this morning), it's too easy to forget what the system may look like to those who don't spend much time there.

Joy in the Margins has a good post about his experiences.

“The power dynamic was clear - there was a way of talking, a way of operating, and if you didn’t know how to talk and operate in that way, you were in trouble. At first I thought of this as a racial divide, but really it was a class divide.”
Thanks to Chosen Fast for the link.


At 11:43 PM, Anonymous LaVonne said...

It is hard not to notice the disparities in the legal profession and the effects on the lack of service to certain classes and races in our population. For me it is evident whenever I attend professional functions that I am not in the majority and not welcomed by the majority. The same thing happens in the courtroom. When I walk in I can sense and see the desperation of certain people, the people who come to court knowing that their situation does not matter to "the system." I usually feel more like one of "them" than one who can actually help them. Sad but true.


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