Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Don't landlords have enough
advantages already?

Florida renters could soon face thousands of dollars in new penalties for breaking leases under revamped rental laws that consumer advocates say would be tipped in favor of landlords.

Dubbed early termination fees, the new charges can equal two months' rent,* according to a bill sailing unopposed through the Florida Legislature.

The proposal is designed to ensure rental property owners aren't forced to take a financial hit when tenants leave early, lobbyists and legislators who support the bill said.

The Senate is set for a final vote on the bill (SB 2730) as early as Wednesday. The legislation also appears headed to a floor vote in the House.

So far, the bill hasn't received a single "no" vote in any legislative committee.

Read the South Florida Sun-Sentinel article here.
* Under current law, when leases are broken, landlords are limited to "actual damages." That means landlords can collect rent until they find a new occupant but can't overlap payments. Landlords also have the option of keeping an apartment empty and suing for the normal rent.


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