Sunday, May 20, 2007

... and the mayor still won't talk

A group of Central Florida religious leaders wants the city to stop arresting those who feed the homeless in Lake Eola Park and other public places and wants to meet with Orlando's mayor to discuss the issue.

But the group -- known as Concerned Clergy for Compassion -- has been told that it must first meet with other city staffers before any meeting with the mayor can be considered.

"The mayor has backed this ordinance, so we want to talk to him directly. We're not going to go away. A little meeting with some assistants is not going to pacify us," said the Rev. Matt Blowers of The Harbour Church.

"The desire of the group is that we actually meet with the mayor, so he would know where we are coming from, right from the beginning," said the Rev. Jim Coffin of Markham Woods Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Read the Orlando Sentinel article here.


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