Sunday, August 05, 2007

Death takes homeless woman
who stood up for her rights

Speaking in front of Fresno City Hall, Pam Kincaid said she lost "the only pictures I had of my sister, my daughter, and my deceased mother. Those photos can never be replaced.”

Photo by Mike Rhodes

A homeless woman suing the city of Fresno over the destruction of homeless people's belongings during raids on their camps has died, just days after the lawsuit gained class-action status.

Pamela Kincaid, 51, died after she fell four floors from a hospital stairwell. The Fresno County Coroner's Office has called for an autopsy on Kincaid, who was also assaulted a few weeks before her death. She was hospitalized after that attack.

Kincaid was among a group of homeless people who sued the city last year for seizing and destroying their property. A federal judge granted the lawsuit class-action status, which allows other homeless people who claim their personal property was destroyed by the city to join the case.

In November, U.S. District Court Judge Oliver W. Wanger ordered the city to stop taking homeless people's property while the lawsuit made its way through court.

Read her declaration -- in her own words -- for the lawsuit here.

Read the Fresno Bee report here.


At 4:29 PM, Blogger Vox Populi said...

I think it sounds very suspicious but the lawsuit will still go on.
Bless her. That made me so sad to read. If we do not get our government under control soon it will be the end of all of us. The corporations are eating us; they just started with the homeless and the sex offenders, those who are easy to hate/malign.


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