Monday, August 20, 2007

Justice for Pamela Kincaid?

As the lead named plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by the homeless against the City of Fresno, Pamela Kincaid stood up against injustice and was willing to put herself on the line to protect the rights of all homeless people in her community.

Photo by Mike Rhodes

She died under what a friend calls "disturbing and suspicious circumstances."

For months before her death, Pam had been saying that she felt she was being targeted by the police and others because of the lawsuit against the city of Fresno.

She was arrested and held in jail for several days although no charges were filed. She was beaten and hospitalized, although the police report suggests that she had a bad sunburn, might have a mental illness, and did not want to press charges. After she was moved to a long-term facility, she went through the doors to a balcony and fell four floors to her death.

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